Maggie & Tars is a small party decoration / installation business I started in 2013. All decorations are handmade and hand cut and installed onsite by me. Each project differs and is customized to fit the theme, scale, and overall feel the client is looking for. Decorations vary from streamers, piñatas, confetti, and smaller fun things like cocktail stir sticks or cake toppers.

Projects include:

  • Jeremi & Kris - backyard wedding 2014 - Decorations included streamers, piñatas, and confetti to throw as they walked down the isle.  
  • Where the Wild Things Are -Baby Shower 2014 - Decorations included large character streamer, cocktail stir sticks, character piñatas, and Max's boat
  • Under the Sea - Baby Shower 2014 - Decorations included streamers, jelly fish piñata, Octopus piñata, whale piñata, cake toppers, thank you gifts and custom                     invitations. 
  • Fice Clothing Boutique - Christmas Window Installation - 2013 - Decorations included 2 large street level windows with piñatas, tassel garlands, and hand cut confetti, as well as piñatas and streamer garlands across the store.